What is the Guard Teen Panel (GTP)?

The Army National Guard Teen Panel (GTP) provides a platform for National Guard youth across the country to help identify and lend a voice to issues of concern impacting their community and military peers.  The GTP is composed of teens, each representing one of the ten regions across the country, with at-large members serving on the Army Teen Panel (ATP).  This initiative is supported by adult advisors who also serve as Youth Coordinators in the field.


How can I get involved with the GTP?

The easiest way to become involved with the Army National Guard Teen Panel is to connect with your local Child and Youth Program Coordinator(s).  Teen members of the GTP serve two year terms and are determined through an application and screening process.  Your local Child and Youth Program Coordinators will be able to provide you with updates on opportunities and the entire application process.  Check out the My Local CYS Program section of the ARNG CYS Website to find contact information for the Lead Child and Youth Program Coordinator for your state/territory.


GTP Peer-to-Peer Handbook

Growing up in a military family and community has many benefits, but it can also pose unique challenges along the way.  Members of the GTP worked collaboratively to develop a Peer-to-Peer Handbook, in an effort to help mitigate some of the challenges youth in the military community may experience.  Check out the ARNG CYS GTP Peer-to-Peer Handbook!